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Washington Politicians Who Know How to Play Ball

By Hillel Kuttler, The New York Times |

by Hillel Kuttler BALTIMORE — One very tall man in Maryland knows something about competing hard until the game ends. That man, Tom McMillen, had this advice for candidates in the elections Tuesday: shake every hand. His campaigning until the polls closed in 1986 may have made the difference in his successful race to represent […]

A Bitter Lesson in Basketball and Terrorism

By by Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal |

by Stephen Moore ‘That was the most bitter and painful experience of my life,” observes Tom McMillen. “What happened in Munich was the most controversial and tragic sports competition in modern times.” Mr. McMillen is a former college and NBA basketball star, Rhodes scholar, three-term Democratic member of Congress, and now successful businessman. We’re in […]

Tom McMillen

Tom McMillen